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Enrichment Programs

All of our services have an overall goal to help our youth with the following:  

Become a better communicator, Build "SELF", Connect with peers & adults, Develop social-emotional skills, Engage in healthy activities.

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Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a 10-week in person enrichment program held in the spring and fall that is designed to expose girls, 6-9 grade to various activities that connects them with supportive adults while addressing self-esteem, engaging in health and beauty activities, developing social-emotional and leadership skills.


Let's Be...

Let's a monthly in person enrichment program held in the spring and fall that is designed to focus on boys, 6-9 grade to help them manage obstacles and barriers as well as developing social-emotional and leadership skills while connecting them with supportive adults in the community.

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Youth Speak on It!

Youth Speak on It! is a 90-minute monthly group session held on the first Friday of the month, February-November that is created and designed to allow middle and high school youth an opportunity to learn new skills, express themselves while leading topics in a judgement free zone.

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We look forward to connecting with you and serving your child!

Special Activities, Events & Programs

Educate. Mentor. Nurture. 

Did you know according to

  • 55% of young adults with a mentor are less likely to skip school

  • Young adults with a mentor are 78% more likely to volunteer regularly

You can reach us at the following:




8000 Natural Bridge Rd., 

Room 316

St. Louis, MO 63121

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