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About CSI

Collective Souls, Inc., (CSI) was founded by Rhonda Robinson out of the love for her children and the youth in the community.  It all started with not being able to allow her children to participate in extracurricular activities due to the lack of funds, along with seeing the youth in the neighborhood lack adult guidance, unwilling to use their voice or express themselves in a positive manner due to low self-esteem, and barriers they had to face at an early age.  With the help of two volunteers, they gathered the youth monthly, to discuss their interests and explore the city.  They were able to attend the city's free venues like the local libraries, St. Louis Zoo, and St Louis Science Center to name a few and that's where education and entertainment took place.  Something they like to call “edutain”.

With the support of family and friends, and her passion to encourage and help others, Collective Souls, Incorporated (CSI) was formed in 2008.  They started their mission to nurture the gifts and talents of the youth but with the changing of times, they found a new mission.


Our Mission is to educate, mentor, and nurture today's youth to help them reach their highest potential in becoming successful in life.

CSI provides a safe space for youth to be their authentic self  while offering enrichment programs designed to equip each child with resources to actively promote personal growth, increase academic excellence and improve community involvement. 


Our Vision is to see today's youth become self-sufficient, overcome obstacles and barriers, while using their voice to advocate for their well-being.

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CSI is looking for individuals who would like to enrich the lives of today's youth by advancing the organization's mission. 


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CSI is looking for individuals who would like to contribute to the activities, events, programs and workshops for the organizations participants.  

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